Tuesday, October 19, 2010

West Alabama Fiber Guild blog is launched

The West Alabama Fiber Guild blog was launched yesterday, October 18th 2010, after banging my head against my computer table for several hours... OK, I am exaggerating a bit. ...after having fiber dreams for some time and finally making a decision to let my dreams come true. I guess that's a better way to put it.

Now we have our own virtual space which we can nurture and grow as little or as much as we desire. No obligations, no contracts, no signing papers (I like this part, going green always appealed to me). I want this to be a place for everybody, but first of all for our super creative guild members. Which means that whenever you have any ideas that may improve our blog or its features, or want to contribute to the blog either by becoming a team author (which would be just great, besides it doesn't oblige you to post regularly at all) or by e-mailing information to admin (me) and having it posted for you, or if you want to correct something or remove, please-please contact admin. While it's all new and fresh, you can (and please do so) comment on this post and give us all your ideas and feelings about it. What do you think about the web address, is it easy and nice or would you name it differently?

Here are some of mine. At the very least it can be a place/web page we can often refer people to, people who are interested in what we do and/or want to join us. We can just name our blog's address, where they will later find our contact info, where we meet, etc. They may even get some taste of what we are up to, if there are at least some posts with pictures and some stories. We could update occasionally with news about events coming up or stories about past events. We could post here our members contact info for our own use and easy access, it can also be updated easily whenever it's needed. We could post a list of books that are in our guild library, also a list of tools that can be borrowed by our guild members.

It can also be more than that. We can share personal experience, projects, links, resources and information, from good suppliers to methods of dyeing or whatever you are asked or wish to share  This information could be very useful for users, and always accessible within a good blog structure. I personally feel sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of diverse information I receive at our guild meetings and wish I could find it easily and access it again before our next meeting. Also, if somebody didn't have time to inform about something at a guild meeting, they can do so on our blog. Those members who live far away could also participate in the fiber guild life through the Internet. We could write book reviews, tool reviews, tips, etc. We could even sign up for Amazon associates program, then whenever somebody wants to buy a book featured in a blog post and does so through the link to Amazon in that post, a small portion will go to our account, and once enough is accumulated we can buy something (e.g. a book) for the guild. We can give extensive information about our guild members (this is voluntarily of course) and what they do, along with pictures, contact info, links to their personal sites and on-line stores if they have such. That way interested people could contact them, and even our members could learn more about each other. We can put links to other people, guilds, organizations, etc. In other words - create an interconnected environment to support each other, get more exposure, promote fiber arts, and reach out into open cyberspace. We can put up a gallery of our members works. Or what about contests to spice it all up?

Or even, if there's enough interest, open an Etsy shop, where any guild member could list (independently or with help) an item with a portion of proceeds (determined by the maker) or all proceeds (if the maker wishes to donate) going to the guild treasury. I think such a shop could be more successful, than an individual one, because there's more people involved, and besides fiber guild logo could evoke in people more trust in comparison with an "unknown" individual. Moreover it may be good for people who may wish to sell a couple of things occasionally, but can't because they don't have an opportunity to do so. Again, those who live far away could also participate, because the Internet transcends physycal boundaries. The shop could also be featured right there on our blog, and conversely a link to our blog could be provided from the shop page. It doesn't mean in the slightest that people who do have their shops are obliged to switch or something. Everybody has their own independence which is nobody's business. As I said it's all voluntarily, to the extent everybody feels comfortable with, it may only be an occasional event. However if there's enough people involved, we could all benefit from it. If the idea receives enough support of course. Remember, our blog can be merely a contact page in the Internet outer space? So, no pressure. It should not be an unwanted load on anybody, go against wishes of others and perspectives of the person who started it all, I mean our president for life, Carol. Besides all that is not required to grow overnight causing a mind blowing experience. First of all, it should be fun.

Ok, I guess, you are loosing your interest already after reading all that long boring text. I got carried away. Who am I? You have three guesses. A spiritual being having a human experience? Yes, that's correct, my spiritual teacher also says so. But you can also name me something else. No more guesses? All right, I am a current admin of this blog (you can reelect somebody else if you like), aka Fiber Dreamer (I avoided using specific names while setting this thing up, not knowing how and where exactly that information would show up, but now I like it, so no turning back), aka Larazar (that's my nickname/screen name/whatever comprised of my first and last names, cause sometimes I avoid using my last name, cause some people have no idea how to say it, and they start mangling it, which makes me sad; besides I like it too), aka Larisa Zarzhitskaya, a WAF guild member and admirer of you all.  If you decide I am fit for this position and if you are able to bear my blunt jokes, I'll be glad to serve you. I only ask of you to correct my language mistakes anywhere on the blog, if needed somebody could be my editor :), and in real life also, cause I want people to understand me and I want our blog to be a beautiful and pleasant place. Happy Birthday!

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