Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Caps for Veterans

January 2011 UPDATE: lots and lots of caps were donated to the project. But we are no where near being finished. It has now turned into a permanent ongoing project!

Here's the email from Beth with an idea of Caps For Veterans Project. Please read on and join our forces if you'd like to help. Feel free to discuss, comment, and ask questions right here in the comments section below the post or contact Beth directly via

The other day I gave some hand knitted caps to our volunteer services department so that they could be given out to veterans. He said that they were so beloved that other veterans were coming by asking for one for themselves. And the coordinator pleaded with me to make more. I said "Sure, I"ll get right on it." Now three of those caps were knitted by Nanette. And two were knitted by me. But even with two of us it will take us forever to get the number he asked for. Right now, we need at least 100 caps. And that is just the tip of the iceburg in terms of homeless veterans. We even have homeless female veterans with their homeless children to take care of.
I'd love to make it a special project. And I will be happy to award prizes for things like:
a) the most hats made by one person
b) the most patriotic hat
c) the most creative hat
and so forth.
Hats can be made out of any material, but please include care instructions such as "Hand wash" if it is wool and so forth. Feel free to use large needles so that the projects can be made quickly. If you need a basic cap pattern, please let me there are hundreds of them. I also have tons of supplies - such as needles and yarns if someone needs extra of anything.
If you want a tax deduction, please add a note to the cap that you make stating that you want a letter for your taxes. You must give your name and address in order to receive the tax letter. But the letters are made by Volunteer services and never go to the veterans.
I hope that the West Alabama Fiber Guild will ROCK this project!
What do you think?

I think it's a nice idea, though I never made a hat myself and I don't knit, I may give it a try. We can  announce winners and post pictures of finished hats here on our blog so that everyone can see them.


  1. I love this! How long do we have to get the harts to you?

  2. Will somebody please share a favorite hat pattern? Easy to knit, attractive to wear. --AW

  3. No deadline on caps...just as soon as possible because it is already getting cold. Also, any cap pattern that you can find will work. I always Google "free cap knitting patterns" or "free hat knitting patterns" and then find a billion patterns. Thanks so much for helping with this wonderful project! Also, check out my WhorlingTides Ravelry group - lots of details and patterns there under the thread called "A new kind of PIF." Take care, Beth