Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 Meeting Schedule

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Program Schedule for 2017

02/05  Blending Boards & Fiber Preparation

02/19  Spinning Sunday*, Continue Discussion of Fiber Prep

03/05  Spindle Spinning & Drafting

03/19  Spinning Sunday*

04/02  Beginning Spinning on a Wheel
If you wish to borrow a wheel, contact Deanna A. or Candice W.

04/16  Easter Sunday (We will still have a meeting for those interested.)

05/07  Spinning Sunday*

05/21  Beginning Spinning, Continued

06/04  Spinning & Plying Novelty Yarns

06/18  Father's Day  (We will still have a meeting for those interested.)

07/02  Cotton Thread Dyeing
Program organized by Tori S.
Bamboo and rayon threads can also be dyed with the same process.

07/16  Spinning Sunday*

08/06  Knitting Techniques
Possibly to include: lace knitting and chart reading, mosaic knitting (slipped stitch patterns), continental purling, double knitting, and knitting with beads.

08/20  Knitting with Technology
Knit Companion and Ravelry demo by Lynn H.
Here are two websites that Lynn recommends to get you started:  Makes any webpage print friendly by streamlining the formatting and removing unnecessary elements (such as ads).  A pdf utility website that will turn several file formats, including jpgs, into a pdf file, and also provides tools for optimizing your pdfs.

09/03  Sunday before Labor Day
(We will still have a meeting for those interested.)

09/17  Needle Felting

10/08  Preparation for Kentuck

10/20, Friday - Kentuck Setup
10/21 & 22 - Kentuck weekend (No regular meeting.)

11/05  Coiled Basket Making
(and Daylight Saving Time ends)
This is a method of basket making that uses a clothes line core and can also be made with pine needles.

11/19  Spinning Sunday*

12/03  Holiday Party
Bring food and gifts!

12/17  Spinning Sunday*
Work on your last-minute gift projects without the usual distractions of home!

*Spinning Sunday is our name for an open meeting with no planned program.   Bring any project that you would like to work on, or just come and chat.

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