Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Sheep to Shawl

On April 14, Kentuck Museum in downtown Northport, Alabama, will once again host us for our Sheep to Shawl event. Starting around 10 am, Katy Dyer will be shearing one of her sheep. As she shears, the rest of us will begin carding, spinning and weaving the fleece Katy sheared off her ram, Clyde, last year. We have scoured Clyde's fleece, and it is beautiful and ready to be processed into a shawl. We will be raffling off the shawl when it is completed.

Our Sheep to Shawl event isn't completely traditional. Sheep to Shawl events are often competitions between teams of fiber artists. We take a more sedate approach. Also, these events usually use raw fleece right off the sheep. We prefer using clean fleece because cleaning the lanolin off of our equipment is challenging. Since we aren't racing, we have plenty of time to explain the process of what we are doing.

We hope lots of folks will come out and see how we do this year!

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