Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shirley E. Held Weaving

On the first Sunday of March, we were visited by a guest speaker. Hallie O'Kelley was speaking about her sister, Shirley E. Held, a well-known and very accomplished weaver. Shirley is also the author of "Weaving: A Handbook of the Fiber Arts." Hallie O'Kelley showed us some of Shirley's work: woven and naturally dyed samples, tapestries, portraits, and more. Many of the displayed pieces were experimental which indicates that Shirley was a fearless fiber artist who played a lot with colors and techniques. She even experimented with morse code and braille! Thank you, Hallie, for this wonderful presentation.
Below are pictures of some of the works Hallie shared with us. Enjoy.
Carol, Jenny, and Hallie show the tapestry woven by Hallie's sister Shirley E. Held.
The tapestry pictures a corn-cob.

"I'm Going to a Birthday Party"

"I'm in First Grade This Year"

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  1. What stunning tapestries!!! I certainly missed a great meeting.