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West Alabama Fiber Guild Newsletter - September 30, 2016

West Alabama Fiber Guild Newsletter - September 30, 2016
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Welcome to the West Alabama Fiber Guild Newsletter

Next meeting:  Sunday, October 2, 2016, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm 
Location: 1000 28th Avenue, Tuscaloosa
Topic:  Spinning Sunday and Kentuck Preparations
Bring any project that you would like to work on, or just come and chat.
Information regarding Kentuck, from Candice Wharton:
List of volunteers
Carol Timkovich
Deirdre Aycock
Jennifer Clark
Porter Clark
Henry Glaus
Nan Glaus
Daniel Glaus
Lynn Higginbotham
Luke Sartain
Annette Douglass
Nanette Sarquiz
Marilyn Butler
Deanna Acedo
Tori Smith
Glynda McIver
Sue Jones
Monica Newman Moore

If there are any changes please let me know before Monday. Also if anyone that is eligible to attend Kentuck and still wants a pass I'll need your name and money at the Sunday meeting.

Our Festival Location has changed. We are now located in the center of the park near our old place, not in the far back corner (yay). Below is a quick shot of the map.   We are CCN1/CCN2.


Last meeting:  Sunday, September 18, 2016

Topic:  Tablet Weaving
Nan led our program on tablet weaving.  Here are some of the things we learned:

Tablet weaving is good for making belts and straps. It can be done with nylon cord to make a sturdy dog leash.  You can also use yarn, including hand spun, and crochet cotton, such as Cebelia.  The weaving is done under tension, so you need a strong yarn or thread for the warp.

The weft thread only shows at the edges, as this is a warp-faced weave.  The weft thread is carried on a shuttle.

Most cards for tablet weaving have four holes labelled A, B, C, and D, in a square formation.  The pattern is formed by putting the warp threads through those holes in various arrangements.  A basic pattern can be made with 10 cards.  Four warp threads go through each card.  The cards twist as well as move up and down.

Nan's tablet weaving supplies include #2 Nylon Thread by Omega, #18 Nylon Mason Line and Braided Mason Line (made for landscaping), and the Ultra Thread Zap thread burner by the Bead Smith.  Nan lightly burns the ends of nylon straps to melt the threads together.

Nan finds that it is best to cut your warp threads 1.5 times the desired finished length.  It is good to be a bit generous with the warp threads, as you cannot add on more length later.

Woven strips can be sewn together, edge-to-edge, to make larger items.  Beads can also be incorporated.

Thanks for the lesson, Nan!
Nan's bin of tablet weaving supplies;
Nan showing us a basic tablet weaving pattern;
Carol's tablet weaving, in progress
Tablet weaving, in progress, showing how the cards separate the warp threads
Finished tablet woven straps and belts, made by Nan and Carol


Other Tidbits:

Larissa has the guild spinning wheel, an Ashford Traditional, and a lazy kate that need a new home.  Contact her if you wish to use them or if you are able to store them for the guild.

Monica showed us her method of Portuguese knitting, which she finds more comfortable than picking or throwing.  The thumb is used to flip the yarn onto the needle and a small hook (clipped to her blouse) tensions the yarn.  She learned the Portuguese style from VeryPink.com
Monica, knitting in the Portuguese style
'Til next time, 


Kentuck map provided by Candice.
Other photos taken by Christine.
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